Psychological services are not covered by OHIP and with the ever shrinking health care dollar this situation is unlikely to change. 

Self Paying Clients

My fee schedule is in accordance with the OPA Guidelines and this is my standard fee for Insurance, WSIB, and Government referrals. I accept payment by eTransfer. If reports are required, I charge the full OPA rate of $225  for a 50 minute session.

Although psychological services are not covered by OHIP, there are several other forms of coverage that may be available.

Workplace Safety & Insurance Board

Psychological services may be covered for workers whose injury involves unresolved pain and disability or Post Traumatic Stress. The Workplace Safety & Insurance Board does not extend coverage to workers suffering from job related stress or depression but may for harassment. The Board will cover the cost of the initial assessment and authorize treatment if deemed necessary to the individual's recovery. Currently, I am taking on new WSIB referrals for the the Fall of 2023.

Veterans, Military, & Police

Veterans, members of the Armed Forces, and Police have coverage through their respective agencies. Veterans are allowed an initial 25 sessions a year and if more are needed this is easy to obtain. OPP have very good coverage for psychological services.

Extended Health Care Plans

Most individuals who are employed by larger companies have limited coverage for psychological services through employee benefit packages. Coverage is usually set at a yearly maximum of $500 to $1000.

Please call or email me to discuss what coverage you may have.

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